Provides Printable Resources for Liveries to Educate New Customers

Chesapeake, VA - June 14, 2012 provides a variety of printable resources for use by liveries and rental marinas across the United States. is known for their engaging and informative rental boat safety training videos addressing the safe use of rental powerboats as well as PWC’s and paddle craft, such as canoes and kayaks; however, it also provides a number of other materials that can be used in training new and inexperienced boaters on the water.

By visiting the Resource Page at, livery owners and operators can find a free, printable flip-chart training packet that outlines boater’s responsibilities, navigational rules, safe operating procedures and other valuable information. Checklists authorized by the U.S. Coast Guard are also available for free download for Tiller-Steered Fishing Boats, Wheel-Steered Fishing Boats, Pontoon / Deckboat, Ski boats / Runabouts, Houseboats / Cabin Style Boats, Paddling boats (Canoes / Kayaks), PWCs (Personal Watercraft / Jet skis).

Rental Boat Liveries can register online to receive a free DVD copy of these resources (both English and Spanish) for in-house training at their operation. All training videos can be viewed online at and are iPhone/iPad/Android compatible. The same materials are available in Spanish at:

By reviewing the entertaining and informative training videos at, boaters can review the rules and regulations concerning boating under the influence, as well as tips and advice for staying safe on the water while still having fun.

The video-based online materials provided by include boat-specific training and cover such topics as basic navigation rules, general safe operating procedures, towing, lifejacket wear, and much more. These materials serve as a brief, yet comprehensive refresher course for non-frequent boaters. All of the materials, including videos, are offered in English and Spanish., in partnership with the U.S. Coast Guard, is committed to helping boaters (both rental and recreational) enjoy a safe experience on our nation’s waterways.

About is a free resource provided by the US Coast Guard to educate rental boat customers on safe boating practices to help ensure a safe and fun experience on the water. These video-based materials include boat-specific training and cover such topics as basic navigation rules, general safe operating procedures, towing, lifejacket wear, and refraining from use of alcohol while boating. In addition to the videos, provides downloadable checklists, in-house training materials, and a 25-question assessment, which provides a certificate upon successful completion. All videos and materials are available in Spanish at: Rental Boat Liveries can also register online at the site to receive a free DVD for inhouse training at their operation. Rental Training materials specific to PWC’s, Canoes, and Kayaks are currently in production and are scheduled for release by the launch of boating season 2012.


Melanie D. Bedogne, Program Manager

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