Negligent Operation

Life Jackets

Children on Board

Speed and Control

Basic Navigation


Overloading and Stowage

Tow Sport Safety

Falls Overboard / Re-Boarding

Carbon Monoxide

Awareness Zone


Cold Water Immersion

Fire and Explosions

Local Navigation and Laws


The Environment

Tiller-Steered Fishing Boat

Wheel-Steered Fishing Boat

Ski / Runabout

Pontoon / Deck Boat

House Boat / Cabin Style Boats


Watch a set of brief educational videos on general boating safety, followed by a boat-specific segment that covers the particular safety concerns for many popular boats! Such as Tiller Steered Boats, Wheel Steered Boats, Ski/Runabouts, Pontoon Boats, and House/Cabin Boats.

In less than twenty minutes, you will cover all aspects of basic rental boat safety! A twenty five question assessment is also available for you to take and review how much you've learned.

Be sure to watch all the videos above before begining the exam.